So I’ll get to this video in a moment but I noticed this comment below the video:

Marginalized people who speak up always called pushy only for defending themselves and speaking out about how they feel and how certain things work for them just like how some ppl feel like feminist (for just a example) are pushy 🙄🙄 but if you don’t speak up you’ll never be able to move forward or change anyone’s mind just my opinion

Oh, you mean like WOMEN?? And LESBIANS??

It’s so sad but according to this article, Lesbianism Is Dying and that’s not a good thing.

You don’t even have to be a feminist to be a woman who has stood up for her sex-based rights only to be told to STFD and STFU. This is the reality of women, particularly in the West. Sorry, but that’s the way it is for us and has been for thousands of years.

And I guess that’s one of those things about being a WOMAN that I really do not believe trans women have been through, since childhood. Having a girl’s body makes all the difference in the world, even from one’s earliest days. Sometimes I put it this way: my stepfather wouldn’t have sexually assaulted me if I had not had the girl’s body that I did, especially being as buxom as I am (I took after my mother in that respect – I’m what is often called a “short stack” in that I’m not a tall woman and I was blessed by the boob fairy). He was definitely not gay; he was inclined to womanizing, and I was but ONE of his female targets (he attempted to seduce a couple of my mother’s women friends and he did sleep with some whore or another at one point, and brought home to my mother a lovely venereal disease). He could tell, even in the drunken state he was invariably in when he did this shit, who was a woman and who was a man – and he never hit on anything that even smelled of a man.

So yeah, WE have to be pushy. WE have to be – as my former high priest put it – women of Iron Ovaries. WE have to be complete bitches if we’re not going to be ground under the heels of men. No one else is going to do this for us.

Naturally, we’re not ever going to get any credit for this. No one wants us this way; they want us to be compliant and sweet and accommodating – as usual. As they have wanted us for five thousand years or more.

Yeah, I’m kind of irritated at that comment above.

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